Turkey decided  operation against Kurds in Syria

January 22, 2018

Turkey decided  operation against Kurds in Syria   Turkey said on Monday that  in northern Syria  it has started a brief operation against Kudish YPG  . Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel allies are attempting to push US-armed YPG fighters from the northwestern enclave of Afrin. Northern area of Syria is contrlod by YPG fighrts ,where […]

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Istanbul : Boats collide in Aegean sea .

January 18, 2018

Greek and Turkish coast guard vehicles collided in Aegean sea on wednessday . According to Turkish media , a  Turkish Coast Guard took action after seeing a Greek boat  approaching Turkish territorial waters near the Kardak islets. The two vehicles made a short-lived contact after  Greek ‘s vehicle continued to violate Turkish territorial waters despite […]

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