asif ali zardari

asif ali zardari , needed a deal” with the United States to strengthen his political position

August 16, 2018

SENATOR KERRY MEETS WITH PAKISTANI PRESIDENT ZARDARI( Classified By: Ambassador Anne W. Patterson for reasons 1.4 1. (C) Summary: In a February 16 meeting with President Zardari, Senator Kerry said that India was “very open” to constructive talks with Pakistan, and urged Pakistan to reach an agreement with India on counter terrorism. Zardari said with […]

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July 23, 2018

1. Begin summary: governor khar, special emissary for president bhutto, and minister of state aziz ahmed called on secretary march 8. Assistant secretary sisco and laingen present as well as pak ambassador khan. Khar took virtually no part in conversation. Presentation by ahmed emphasized 2 themes: a) hopes for peace in south asia were being […]

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face reading of the last Indian king Mr.Ghulam

May 25, 2018

The last king This is the  face reading of the last indian religoius moghol  king Mr. Ghulam .the photo  sent to me  is black and white  and half of the face (head, ears and hairs )is not fully seen in it . turbin is larger and and has coverd almost of his head. The face […]

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china Pakistan economic support a headache for India

china Pakistan economic support a headache for India

May 24, 2018

Pakistan china economice  support has become headach for india and USA. China’s deep support and investment in Pakistan create challenges for India and increasingly the “Pakistan issue is part of the China issue” in the broader range of topics in the India-US agenda, a top American expert has said. A senior fellow for India, Pakistan, […]

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Manpower ,the real asset of India lacks education

January 16, 2018

. A report states that a large number of  indian youth is lacking international level education and they are not even vocational trained for a job or farming. Many countries in the world having aging population but india has its youth population . About 50 % of its population is between 18 -25 years of […]

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