face reading of the last Indian king Mr.Ghulam

The last king

This is the  face reading of the last indian religoius moghol  king Mr. Ghulam .the photo  sent to me  is black and white  and half of the face (head, ears and hairs )is not fully seen in it . turbin is larger and and has coverd almost of his head.

The face reading is purly experiance based and i care not of any political or religoius pressure  when i read the photo.

This is the photo of a middle aged person-  a person very perfectionate ,very much practicle ,noble and a great actor and turbin covering almost of his head means he is very much religoius.

The pose in the photo is readble as he is thinking to show  somthing good with sadness.

The behavoir  is normally seen in  someone who has done something wrong and want to appologise for that but can not appologise  due to many reasons,But it is the sign of a  good person .

His eyes not towards the camera( with the pose expressing many thing )

is readble as he is very much unhappy in his life ,

is readble as he is tired of doing crimes,

is readble as he has done somthing very unusuall and can face any one.

(these are still the signs of a good person )

Now let’s read his face part by part .we start with forehead  as his ears are covered in turbine .

Forehead:  (forehead with widow peak)

He has widow peak on his forehead  which is readble as he

Likes relaxed life style,

Dress causually,

Creative and dosenot like to told what to do. Artistic  confidence .


fore head verticle lines (above nose)

he has 2 dim verticle lines above nose  which means he

has good concentration , focus, is  worry or compulsive with details.

( very logical  explains every thing with logic)

Forehead high (related to distance from eyes )

signs of a person who is

clear thinker,


strategist, and think in big term.

Eye colors darkest blue (black)

left brained ,

emotionaly analytical,

traditional religious values or  belives .

Right eye is bigger .

Career is the focus for first ½ of life.once settle ,he looks at his emotional needs and feelings.

Very much spiritual and this photo with the postion of the other eye.

Always thinking  may be great laier .

(the pose and eye position swos that he is very great lier and can say any thing he thinks)

left eye goes out:

May sabotage a smoothly running life by creating dramatic and sudden turmoil.

Drinker  ,

May not act according to his promise or words.

This kind of person alway tries to sleep with wife’s best friend or sisster.

Having nature of fraudy person.

Eyes deep set.

Deep  thinker ,philosophical, introspective .

visible eyelids.

Action oriented ,

Door ,

Likes to get things done right know away.

Note with deep  eyes set and right eye bigger the person will pray for any one . may pray or spill for some one ‘s death.

Eye area :flat lower(below the eye)

cautious ,wary ,

obey rules  and respect government .

May  demand or wish to recive favor from high authority.

Eye area : bags under right eyes.

Un resolved emotional grieving .

Home sexual ,

Wild sex lover ,

Loves to heart  children physically and emotionally.

Eyebrows:low set:

friendly  and easily approachable ,

could be over familiar

Eyebrow: left eyebrow is half strong (outer half is pale -thin)

Struggled in the first half of life the second is easier.

checks flat

intellectualizes his feeling ,

cool emotionally,

nose :hawk

the king Mr. Ghulam’s nose is hawk  which is the sign of a person who puts his nose in other ‘s bussiness,

cannot be trusted .

under pressure – treacherous.

nose narrrow bridge.

Perfectionist ,

Loner enjoys loneliness for someday times.

nostril little visible.

Careless of income or expanses.

With narrow bridge and visible nostrils the person does not feel bad smell or dose not care of dirt.

Mouth small  ( of his  –king Ghulam’s  size )

He may be a great actor as this is readable as (makes grater actor)

 Both lips are big but lower lip bigger.

(ugly face with beautifull style of confidence)

Good with confidence ,sensual.

Naso-labial lines. (goes in a circle around the mouth and outer nose).

Able t talk with any one about any think .

Having great communication skills.


These were some of the readings i made according to my physiogomial experience  .

Kindly comment if you find any thing irreverent to this person  as i am not interested in history i donot know about kings or kingdoms or religious persons.

Haider Farooqi






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